Friday, January 29, 2010

Zandvoort child pornography case: the role of the Belgian King

The High Council of Justice last year found out that 7 CD-ROMs containing child pornography from the Zandvoort-case had been vanished.

In 1998 our association gave a copy of these CD-ROMs to the Belgian King. The King was given them to the Belgian Minister of Justice. And the Belgian Minister of Justice was given them for "research" to the president of the Court of Justice.

I wrote to the King, justice ministers, parliamentarians and media about this case.

The former Justice Minister told me that there was 'some investigation'.
The royal palace let me know after 6 months that they had 'received my letter'. But that is all.

I receive no reply on my letters to the current justice minister.

Marcel Vervloesem who revealed the Zandvoort case, is slowly dying in prison.

Jan Boeykens
President of the Morkhoven Group

Following is a list of more than 20 emergency room trips and surgical operations endured by Marcel Vervloesem, of which Belgian minister of justice and his cabinet members were informed more than 40 times.
These prominent officials advocates publicly for a "humane and equitable" justice, and states at the same time that a prisoner 'can be released from jail only 3 days before his expected death'.


1- malignant cancer : treated at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 2 times
2- kidneys : at St Elisabeth Hospital, Herentals : 5 times
3- pancreas : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 2 times, University IA, Anvers : 1 time
4- emergency in intensive care for pancreatite : 2 times
5- emergency in intensive care for pancreatite : University IA, Anvers : 1 time
6- intensive care : Fabiola Hospital, Sambreville and St. Elisabeth Hospital, Herrentals : 11 times
7- kidneys : Gasthuisberg, Louvain : 2 times
8- heart surgery for cardiac dysfunctioning : at AZ Imelda, Bonheiden : 3 times
9- diabetes intensive care : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 4 times
10- kidneys : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 1 time
11- heart surgery : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
12- kidney dialysis : at St. H. Hart Hospital, Lier : 1 time
13- internal hemorrhage : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
14- surgery : at St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
15- surgery for placing dialysis drains : at AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
16- intensive care in cardiology : at St. Elisabeth Hospital, Turnhout : 1 time
17- emergency room intensive care for anemia (leukemia) : St. Elisabeth Hospital, Turnhout : 1 time
18- emergency room intensive care : St. Elisabeth Hospital, Herrentals : 1 time
19- heart surgery : AZ St. Jan, Bruges : 1 time
20- on May 14th 2009, for heart problems caused by among other reasons lack of medications and insufficent treatments, Mr Vervloesem was to be admitted in emergency to the AZ St. Jan Hospital, Bruges, but the prison director, using a psycho-social service's report denied it.

kaartvzw Werkgroep Morkhoven - Zandvoort childpornnetwork:

Dutroux case 
Zandvoort case

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The murder of a Belgian anti-childpornography activist


The Belgian government covered up the child pornography case Zandvoort with 89,539 victims and has decided to murder slowly Marcel Vervloesem.

The activist who is seriously ill, must be immediately released from prison!

The cause now has ... members.
Their mission: Liberation of Morkhoven-activist Marcel Vervloesem



Saturday, January 23, 2010

The truth about belgian prisons


Prison teacher victim of new McCarthyism in Belgium

By IRR European News Team

1 October 2009, 3:00pm

The Platform for Free Expression in Belgium is demanding to know why a language teacher at Saint-Gilles prison in Brussels, who has spoken out against anti-terror laws and the demonisation of Muslims, has been banned from prisons on security grounds.

Four university professors have launched a petition to support 57-year-old Luk Vervaet who, on 10 August, was informed by phone by administrators at the prison of Saint-Gilles that he no longer had access to the prison where he had taught Dutch to prisoners for over five years. No reason was given, except that the decision ‘didn’t come from them’ but from ‘above’. A week later, on 17 August, his employer, the association which organises the courses in prison, received a letter from the General Director of the Belgian Prison Service, Hans Meurisse, saying that Luk Vervaet was forbidden for ’security reasons’ from access to all Belgian penitentiary institutions.

Secret evidence

During Vervaet’s five years of teaching in prisons, there has never been a complaint by the prison authorities about his work, nor has he ever been accused of breaching security. On the contrary, his relations with the prison governor, the prison guards and the student prisoners were all good. Luk has no right to know the basis of the ban, nor can he defend himself, despite the fact that he will be forced to quit his job and lose his livelihood.

A financial appeal has been launched to help Luk Vervaet fund a judicial review of the state’s action, which supporters see as a modern-day version of McCarthyism. It looks as though those who campaign against anti-terror laws and racism could be hounded out of public service, in much the same way as Communists were dismissed in the US, as well as in Germany under the Berufsverbot decree. (There were also similar measures against Communists and left-wing sympathisers in Switzerland until the 1990s).[1] Vervaet’s lawyer, Olivia Venet, has made an application for the release of his administrative file, as in Belgium, the state keeps a file on all workers in any kind of public service.[2] She has received an answer familiar to UK campaigners against anti-terror laws. While the state agreed to release the file, pages 1-3 would have to be removed on national security grounds. Secret evidence is now being used against an individual – this time not a Muslim terror suspect but a Belgian citizen who happens to teach in prisons.

The truth about Belgian prisons

Belgium prisons are so medieval, overcrowded and unhygienic that international bodies such as the Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee (CPT) have repeatedly denounced conditions, drawing attention to the growing number of suicide-attempts (particularly amongst juveniles). Belgians of a migrant background (mainly Moroccans and Turks) are also heavily over-represented in prisons. Luk Vervaet had attempted to draw attention to racism and the social crisis in prisons through writing occasional columns in national newspapers like La LibreLe SoirDe Standaard and De Morgen. He has also collaborated with academic research into prison conditions, high suicide rates, proposals to build ‘Titan’ prisons as well as the general demonisation, and criminalisation of young people from migrant backgrounds. He had also been active in several campaigns against the Belgian anti-terror laws, speaking out against the deportation of terror suspects to countries such as Morocco and the US that practise torture and/or the death penalty. His was also one of the few voices in Belgium prepared to argue that the proposed extradition to the United States of ex-footballer Nisar Trabelsi comprised a form of double punishment, as he is already serving a ten-year prison sentence in Belgium for a terrorist offence. What is particularly strange is that in 2009 the Belgian prison authorities granted Vervaet permission to visit Trabelsi in Lantin prison and no objections were raised. During his visits, Luk had been helping Trabelsi write a book and an appeal against his proposed extradition.

Defending human rights – a threat

‘Do his troubling questions and his numerous public declarations about the intolerable situation in Belgian prisons pose a security risk?’ ask the four university professors, whose petition has now been signed by an impressive array of supporters, from Socialist and Green parliamentarians, to artists, film-makers, musicians, journalists to academics working in the field of criminology, anthropology and medicine. Luk Vervaet, they argue, is nothing more than ‘a human rights activist for detained persons … Apparently today, someone who maintains contacts with or defends the fundamental rights of persons suspected of terrorism, becomes a suspect himself.’

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Marcel Vervloesem !

Marcel Vervloesem...

He discovered the child porn network Zandvoort. He was prosecuted and imprisoned. We fight every day for his liberation.